JaCrypt is a simple way to send encoded messages between friends or workers online. Right now it is a bit difficult to use as you have to press return after each character you want to encode, but it is going along well for something that is being published the day I started it :).

JaCrypt works by one person typing in the numerical key, followed by the message that they wish to encode, then the letters are converted into numbers (a to 1, b to 2, c to 3), the numbers are preformed upon a mathematical calculation that involves the key, and as a result, generates a unique coded message.

The Decrypt program works by the recipient typing in the key the message was encoded in, followed by the encrypted message that they received, the numbers are preformed on the inverse of the mathematical equation as mentioned above and are turned into the numbers we need, then these numbers are converted to letters (1 to a, 2 to b, 3, to c), and displayed onto the screen.

JaCrypt is a MisirianSoft production (the second major public one in fact) and is Copyright under the BSD license. Feel free to make your own modifications or even your own project based on this as long as you mention that it is a variant of JaCrypt and site it accordingly.

For more great MisirianSoft projects visit JacOS.codeplex.com, JacoChat.codeplex.com, and JacoLib.codeplex.com.

-Jacob Misirian (misirian.5gbfree.com, Member of Int0x10.com)

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